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What to Do After an Uber Accident

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If you’ve been hurt in an accident with an Uber, whether you were a passenger in the Uber or driving another car on the road, there are important steps to take to protect your health, your finances, and your rights. Below, we discuss a few of the most important things you should do immediately after your Uber crash. Call a dedicated NYC traffic accident attorney with any questions or for help if you’ve been hurt in an accident in New York City.

Pull Over, Exchange Information With the Uber Driver

New York law requires anyone involved in a car accident to stop their vehicle and exchange information with the other driver. You’ll need the other driver’s identification and insurance info to file a claim. Failing to stop and exchange contact and insurance information is considered a hit-and-run, which is a criminal offense.

After an accident with an Uber, pull your car to the side of the road and stop. If you can’t get the car to the side of the road or an otherwise safe space, at least get yourself to a safe spot out of traffic. If you are too injured to move, stay put and wait for emergency assistance.

Report the Accident to Law Enforcement

If the other driver is at fault, always report the accident to the proper authorities. Do not agree to handle it “without the insurance companies”; you do not yet know what level of medical care you will ultimately need or how much your claim may be worth. The police report and other documents will be essential in ensuring you are fully compensated for your damages.

Ultimately, if you suffered only minor injuries, you’ll get medical coverage through your no-fault insurance policy. If you suffered a serious injury, however, then you’ll have a claim against the Uber driver and possibly against Uber, under which your recovery may be much greater.

Seek Medical Attention

If you are critically hurt, get to an emergency room as soon as possible. Accept help from the first responders and take the ambulance ride. Worry about payment later.

If you are not critically injured and you leave the scene under your own power, it’s still important to see a doctor very soon after the accident. You may have hidden injuries that can prove dangerous if left undiagnosed, such as organ damage, internal bleeding, or brain injury. It’s also important to have a doctor identify your injuries immediately after the accident to prevent defendants or insurers from claiming you suffered your injuries in some other incident.

Gather Evidence, Keep Copies

If you’re able to do so safely and without injury, start gathering evidence as soon as you can. Take pictures of the accident–the vehicles, any vehicle damage, any property damage, your injuries, the intersection, traffic lights or signals, the weather, etc. Ask witnesses for contact information in case your attorney needs to get their statements later. Keep copies of any documents related to the accident, including police reports, accident reports, medical reports, medical bills, and others, as well as any communications between you and Uber, the insurance companies and you, or you and your employer about missing work. The more evidence you have on hand, the stronger your eventual claim will be.

Determine if Uber May Be Liable

Uber maintains insurance coverage for their drivers. If the driver was on the way to pick up or drop off a passenger at the time of the accident, Uber’s 1.25-million-dollar liability policy covers the accident. If the driver was waiting for a ride request at the time, Uber’s more limited liability policy still covers the accident. If the driver had the app off at the time of the crash, then it’s just like any other accident, and Uber is not involved.

It’s important to determine whether Uber can be brought into your claims. Uber’s insurance policy is almost certainly more extensive than the individual driver’s, which allows you to recover more fully for your injuries.

Talk to an Uber Accident Lawyer

An accident involving a commercial driver, including an Uber driver, is bound to be more complex than the typical car crash. You need assistance from a savvy New York car accident attorney who knows the law, knows the parties, and knows how to obtain the maximum compensation for your claim.

Seasoned Advice and Representation for Your New York Uber Crash Injury Claim

If you or someone you care about has been seriously hurt in a New York City Uber crash or other traffic accident, find out if you’re entitled to monetary damages for your injuries by contacting the dedicated and diligent New York car crash lawyer Leandros A. Vrionedes for a free consultation at 212-889-9362.

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