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New York Distracted Driving Accidents Attorney

Distracted driving results in thousands of fatalities and hundreds of thousands of injuries across the country every year. While published statistics on the rate of distracted driving show a massive problem, many safety experts believe that crashes caused by drivers who are distracted by a cell phone, in-vehicle entertainment system, or other electronic device are far higher than reported due to the difficulty in identifying when a distraction has played a role in a crash.

A proven advocate ready to fight for you after an accident

More and more New York drivers are becoming victims of distracted driving crashes and deserve compensation for their injuries. Don’t let greedy insurance companies keep you from getting the money you need after a distracted driving crash. Manhattan personal injury lawyer Leandros A. Vrionedes has been fighting on behalf of car accident victims for years and has a proven track record of getting compensation for those injured by others’ negligent or reckless behavior. Let him fight with insurance companies and irresponsible drivers on your behalf, so that you can focus on healing.

Types of crashes associated with distractions are on the rise

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that, in 2015, almost 3,500 people were killed in accidents caused by distracted drivers, and another 391,000 were injured in such crashes. Notwithstanding these tragic rates, many safety experts assert that an even greater share of all accidents is caused by distracted drivers, but that drivers or witnesses simply don’t report the role that the distraction played in the crash.

One fact that these experts point to is that accidents which seem to be caused by distracted drivers have risen in frequency. For example, fatalities among pedestrians have risen by over 20% in recent years, and cyclists and motorcyclists are also dying at a higher rate. When distracted drivers only briefly glance up from their phones while driving, experts theorize, they fail to notice smaller objects such as people or bikes, and are more likely to hit them.

Victims left with massive expenses deserve compensation

Victims of this careless and dangerous behavior deserve to be compensated for their injuries. Distracted driving crashes can leave victims with massive medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. New York new york distracted driving attorney Leandros A. Vrionedes has the decades of experience you need on your side to make a successful claim for the money you’re owed after an accident. Contact him today for a no-cost evaluation of your case.

Help is Available after a Serious New York Distracted Driving Car Accident

For help recovering the money you’re owed after a distracted driving accident in New York, contact the knowledgeable and effective Manhattan personal injury lawyer Leandros A. Vrionedes for a consultation on your case, at 212-889-9362, or in Queens at 718-777-5895.

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