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New York Birth Injury Lawyer

Medical malpractice is the main cause of birth injuries, which can result in serious personal injury or wrongful death to the mother or child in a number of ways. A traumatic birth can cause severe physical and emotional pain to the mother, as well as create a lifetime disability for the child. If your child has suffered a birth injury, it is important to obtain the assistance of an experienced birth injury lawyer.

Duty of Care to Mother and Child

Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals owe a duty of care to both the mother and the child to practice with the reasonable care and competence expected of health care professionals of similar education and training.

The mother’s health should be monitored throughout the pregnancy for excessive weight gain, gestational diabetes, or other health concerns. The doctor should know the mother’s medical history and any history of difficult pregnancies. Genetic counseling may be appropriate where family history or diagnostic tests reveal a probability that the baby may be born with harmful, debilitating conditions or fatal diseases. Failure to perform these basic functions may be medical malpractice.

The fetus should also be monitored throughout the pregnancy for signs of any abnormal development or fetal distress. For instance, acidic blood may suggest a lack of oxygen to the fetus, which could be caused by the umbilical cord wrapped around the neck or other problems. Ultrasounds, fetal heart monitors, and other measures can be used to diagnose dangerous situations which may be remedied if properly identified in time.

Seek Medical and Legal Help From An Experienced Birth Injury Lawyer

Birth injuries can be attributed to other types of negligence besides medical malpractice. For instance, a motor vehicle accident or slip and fall accident involving a pregnant woman can cause serious complications to the pregnancy and the unborn baby. Also, faulty medical devices or dangerous drugs can cause harmful effects or cause a misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose a medical condition. If any fall or car accident occurs during pregnancy, the mother should seek immediate medical attention and monitoring of the fetus to make sure both mother and child are safe. If you or your child suffered an injury during pregnancy, labor or delivery, and you believe that the negligence or misconduct of another may be to blame, please contact Leandros A. Vrionedes in New York City for an initial consultation and evaluation of your case.

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