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How to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Equipement de sécurité motard

Motorcycle crashes are typically much more severe than typical auto accidents. If you ride a motorcycle, it is important to be careful and cautious in order to avoid a catastrophic injury. There are steps to take to mitigate the risk of an accident, including accidents caused by other drivers. Read on for some tips on avoiding an accident while riding a motorcycle, and call a dedicated Manhattan motorcycle accident attorney if you or a loved one has been hurt in a motorcycle crash in New York City.

Be seen

Many motorcycle accidents occur because auto drivers simply do not notice bikers, whether because the biker is in the auto driver’s blind spot or because the driver is simply not paying attention. Wearing bright colors and reflective safety gear can help ensure that every driver on the road is aware of your presence and takes appropriate precautions.

Avoid aggressive driving maneuvers like lane-splitting

One of the benefits of riding a motorcycle is to get around traffic jams. However, riding in between cars (lane-splitting or white-lining) can be dangerous. Cars might suddenly change lanes, turn, or open a door, causing a motorcycle rider to swerve or crash. Also, lane-splitting is illegal under New York traffic law. Other illegal and dangerous maneuvers, such as passing on the shoulder, should also be avoided.

Give cars space, where possible

Tailgating or riding alongside a car gives everyone involved much less time to react to an unexpected hazard. Give yourself space and time to adjust in case you or the cars around you suddenly stop or swerve.

Be on constant alert

Auto drivers might be driving unsafely and negligently for any number of reasons: alcohol, texting while driving, drowsy driving, etc. It is important to remain vigilant for any sudden and unexpected movements by negligent drivers, including sudden stops, turns or lane changes without signaling, or swerving.

Avoid bad weather conditions

Motorcyclists are much more likely to suffer from bad weather. Icy or wet roads, extreme snow, wind, rain, and fog can all put bikers at high risk of a crash. They are more directly affected by inclement weather, and they are likely to be much more seriously injured if inclement weather leads to a car crash.

Get proper training

Riding a motorcycle requires much more expertise than driving a passenger car. Bikers must regularly make split-second decisions in order to avoid a crash, and it is vital to get all the training necessary to make sure that you have those instincts built-in before riding your bike. Take a motorcycle safety course, practice, and take refresher courses even if you are experienced. Refresher courses might even net you a discount on your insurance.

If you’ve been hurt in a New York motorcycle accident and need dedicated and trial-ready representation on your claims, contact the Manhattan motorcycle accident lawyer Leandros A. Vrionedes for a free consultation on your case at 212-889-9362.

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