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  • Construction Site Accident $2,000,000.00

    A laborer who was involved in demolition of a large building...

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  • Elevator Drop $1,400,000.00

    Elevator drop accident in a Queens hospital causing neck injury...

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  • School Bus Accident $1,400,000.00

    School bus accident in the Bronx as the result of speeding, causing...

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  • Maritime Wrongful Death $1,200,000.00

    Barge strikes pleasure boat causing wrongful death in Long Island Sound...

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New York City Personal Injury Attorney Blog

Stop medical malpractice

Top Three Causes of Death in the U.S.: Heart Disease, Cancer, and Medical Errors

By Editor |

We all realize how common medical errors can be, and we have all heard stories of tragic mistakes made by medical professionals out of carelessness that have cost a patient their health or life. Yet in what may come as a shock even to those familiar with the crisis of medical errors, a pair… Read More »

Police cars and school buses

New York County Court Allows Claims against Bus Driver and Employer to Move Forward After Child Hit

By Editor |

In a recent case that came before the Supreme Court of the state of New York for New York County,  Archer v. All American School Bus Corp. et al., the court outlined the limits of a school’s liability for a student’s injuries after disembarking from a school bus, but also noted the bus driver’s… Read More »

Image that reads wrongful death

Wrongful Death Award Highlights High Standard Required to Receive Damages for Pre-Impact Terror and Conscious Pain and Suffering

By Editor |

A jury award to the heirs of a bus accident victim, recently upheld but modified on appeal, goes to illustrate the amount of evidence New York courts will require to prove that damages for pre-impact terror or conscious pain and suffering are warranted. The lawsuit in question was on behalf of Virginia McKibbin, a… Read More »

Woman falls on walkway

Court Permits Plaintiff to Continue Pursuing Trip-and-Fall Claim

By Editor |

In an opinion on a summary judgment motion recently issued by a New York Supreme Court judge in Westchester County, the court shed light on how New York courts are to determine whether or not a crack or other defect on a public walkway is too slight to give rise to a claim for… Read More »

sidewalk accident

Court Denies Summary Judgment In Sidewalk Fall Victim’s Case

By Editor |

The case before the Supreme Court of Queens County was Medina v. City of New York, and was based on claims by a woman suffering injuries from a fall on the sidewalk. Medina was walking in front of the Young Men’s Christian Association of Greater New York (YMCA) in November of 2012 when she… Read More »