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Causes of Construction Site Accidents

Building materials on construction site

Construction remains one of the most dangerous industries for employee injury and fatality. Construction worksites are filled with hazards to both construction workers and the general public. According to safety officials and health advocates, however, most construction accidents are avoidable. Accidents almost always occur because someone involved was behaving negligently. Continue reading to learn about some of the more common causes of construction site accidents. Speak with a knowledgeable Manhattan construction accident attorney if you or a loved one has been hurt on a construction worksite in New York City.

Lack of PPE and Other Safety Equipment

Proper safety equipment is absolutely vital in construction. Everyone needs the right gloves, vests, helmets, and goggles for each specific task. Using the wrong gloves, failing to put on a face shield, or otherwise trying to perform a task without the right equipment is one of the biggest factors in construction site injury and death. Likewise, scaffolding needs rails, heavy machinery needs the proper guards, and other dangerous areas and activities require proper safety equipment to be installed and utilized. Contractors must both provide all appropriate safety equipment to workers and diligently enforce the proper use of that protective equipment.

Lack of Adequate Training

It is not enough to have the right safety equipment; workers must be taught how to use it. Supervisors must ensure that all workers know the relevant general safety rules and regulations, and for any given task, that all workers are properly trained. A worker should not try to man a forklift without all relevant training, just as a person cannot drive a car without a driver’s license. Training should be thorough and regular, with updates for any new identified hazards, regulations, or issues.

Tripping Hazards from Discarded Equipment and Materials

Trips and falls are the most common cause of construction site injury and construction worksite death. One of the major contributors to falls is tripping over discarded materials and equipment, such as objects left behind after a given job is complete. Supervisors should ensure that every work area is inspected and cleared at the beginning and end of each workday to make sure that no one trips over a piece of lumber, a power drill, or some other object left behind after an earlier task was completed.

Equipment in Disrepair

It is important to not only have the right tools for the job but also to keep those tools in good condition and replace them where necessary. A ladder may be the best ladder for a given job, but if that ladder is old and rusty, it is likely to collapse or give out when faced with a worker’s full weight. Likewise, power tools and machinery need constant repair and upkeep to remain effective and safe. When something gets too old, it needs to get replaced. If a construction company skirts maintenance requirements or skimps on replacing old equipment, people get hurt.

If you or a loved one has been injured on a New York City construction site and you need considered and compassionate representation to pursue your claims, contact the NYC construction accident lawyer Leandros A. Vrionedes for a free consultation on your case at 212-889-9362.

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